Thank you very much KÜFA!

Dear Team of Küfa,

my name is Tim Zänkert, 17 years old, illustrator/graphics artist.

Küfa sweets shaped my childhood because they were always available at the kiosk around the corner
and with every visit a must!

My favorite is the Friesen-Lolly with chocolate coating, because it is simply delicious by now.

It was always nice back then, and it’s just as nice today
to relive your childhood with sweets from Küfa.

Becaus of that I made a little “artwork” for Küfa, and I really hope you like it!
You will find the picture below, I’m really looking forward to your answer.

I’m looking forward to still enjoying a Küfa lollipop in 20 years and I wish you a nice week

Tim Zänkert

Drawing of a transparent jar with lollipops and individual sweets and a Friesen-Lolly, text: Thank you Küfa!