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Customized soccer lollipops for the Euro 2024 soccer championships

23. May 2024

Euro2024 with lollipops in your country’s colors? We can! Euro2024 with lollipops in the colors of your country? We can! Please feel free to contact us! Please feel free to contact us! We are appreciated to present our EURO2024 edition of our soccer lollies! These delicious treats are not only a delight for the palate,…

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Novelty: Rainbow Pop by Küfa

21. May 2024
Küfa Rainbow Pop single lollipops

Küfa’s Rainbow Pop is a large lollipop in all the colors of the rainbow:Red – orange – yellow – green – blue – purple in every lollipop!The most colorful lolly from Küfa: 6 colors! For many people, the rainbow is a symbol of diversity, and diverse are also the possible uses of the Rainbow Pop…

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Thank you very much KÜFA!

27. February 2023

Dear Team of Küfa, my name is Tim Zänkert, 17 years old, illustrator/graphics artist. Küfa sweets shaped my childhood because they were always available at the kiosk around the cornerand with every visit a must! My favorite is the Friesen-Lolly with chocolate coating, because it is simply delicious by now. It was always nice back…

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from Gaby from Egypt

26. July 2022

Hello,the lollies arrived in Egypt in good conditions and everybody likes the taste. 👌👌👌👌Greetings from Egypt Gaby

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