Promotion Sweets

Our promotional items – personalized sweets like promotional lollipops or promotional bonbons – are a cost-effective and sustainable kind of promotional gift.

They are inexpensive and have a lasting and often multiple memory value. People recognize the lollipops and candies when handed over and then create a positive feeling when sucked (Oh, yummy!). Or they are packed in the pocket, taken home and presented to the children or grandchildren. And then the joy is even greater – you laugh with children’s eyes! Bingo – double the advertising effect!

Personalized sweets are available for customers or visitors in almost every doctor’s surgery, in service companies and at advertising stands in inner cities. Everyone likes to grab our promotional sweets and treat themselves to flavorful childhood memories. Or they take the sweets with them and give them to acquaintances, colleagues or family. Then the advertisement is read a second time before enjoying it!

With advertising lollipops you not only make your customers happy. The lollipops are often given away: to children or grandchildren. Then your customer has the advertising in their hands for the second time. And when the child is happy, your customer is happy!

You can get promotional lollipops from us in various forms (MOQ 10,000 pcs.):

Flat lollipops (apple silhouette) with a pieceweight of 10 g, centered print on 1 side and either transparent or with scattered print on the back
Flat lollipops (circular) with a pieceweight of 16 g, 1-sided centered print and back optionally transparent or with scattered print
Ball-shaped lollipops with a pieceweight of 17 g, scattered print.

You can get all variants of our promotional lollipops in polybags from 50 pieces up or boxes from 100 pieces up (max. 1,200 pieces per box for the 10 g lollipops and 1,000 pieces per box for the 16 g flat and spherical lollipops).

flat promotion lollipops by Küfa with individually printed foil

Flat Promotion Lollipops

flat lollipops with individually printed foil

ball-shaped promotion lollipops from Küfa

ball-shaped promotion lollipops

Ball lollipops with printed advertising cover

sweets with printed wrapper (promotional wrapper) from Küfa

hard boiled candy sweets for promotion purpose

Bonbons (sweets) with printed wrapper.

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