Bonbons In Transparent Jars

Our most-wanted candy specialties you can also get in representative n transparent plastic jars with1 1/2 respectively 2 kg content. This is the eye-catching pack for the kiosk round the corner. For filling sweet sachets (e.g. pointed bag) together with fruit gum, wine gum, liquorice or fizz. Or in a mixture of different types of candy or individually. There is something for every taste.

clear plastic jar with 2 kg Küfa raspberries (candies with raspberry flavour in shape of raspberries)


2 kg fruit candies with refreshing flavour and right red appearance in a transparent plastic jar

Transparent jar with 2 kg Küfa Orange & Lemon Slices (sweets with orange and lemon flavor in the shape of citrus wedges)

Orange & Lemon Slices

2 kg candies with orange and lemon taste in transparent plastic jar

2 kg Küfa Mixed Fruit Balls (round, striped candies in five different colours with fruit flavour)

Mixed Fruit Balls

Transparent plastic jar with 2 kg mixed fruit candies in shape of gooseberries

Transparent jar with 1.5 kg Küfa Golden Nuts with chocolate cream filling

Golden Nuts

1.5 kg shiny golden sweets in shape of a hazelnut with chocolate filling and truffle flavor in a transparent plastic jar

Clear plastic jar with 2 kg Küfa crunchy coins (caramel candies with nougat cream filling)

Crunchy Coins

2 kg candies in coin shape made of caramel sugar with nougat cream filling in a transparent jar

Transparent jar with 1.5 kg Küfa peppermint cushions with chocolate cream filling (red and silver striped sweets with peppermint flavor and chocolate filling)

Peppermint Cushions

red and silver shiny striped sweets with the finest peppermint flavor and a delicious chocolate filling

transparent plastic jar with 2 kg Küfa Eucalyptus Menthol sweets, wrapped in green waxpaper (with black text)

EUCA Menthol candies

Eucalyptus Menthol sweets of hightest quality! Oval candies wrapped in wax paper with eucalyptus oil and menthol. Genuine only with the Küfa logo!

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