Bonbons (basic item)

Our family business and the brand Küfa exist for over 90 years. Many unwrapped candy specialties from the "good old times" are still very popular today.

Fruity sweets like Raspberry Candies, Orange & Lemon Slices,
Silky bonbons with crunchy nougat/chocolate fillings such as golden nuts, peppermint pillows, nougat/mocha tongues and
Herbal sweets such as Cough Sweets, Cachous, Herbs-Salmiak-Sweets (‘the one with the cross’) or Friesen-Kluten with salmiak pastilles in a chocolate coating.

Some candies from the almost 40 varieties of the range are also available in 1.5 kg or 2 kg transparent jars.

Küfa EUCALYPTUS menthol sweets have a high percentag of valuable menthol. That's is the reason for their exquisite taste and soothing effect on cold symptoms. EUKA menthol sweets are also available wrapped: in bulk, in 2 kg transparent tins and in packs.

Küfa raspberries (red raspberry-shaped candies with raspberry flavor)

Raspberry sweets

Our Raspberry sweets are the classic fruity sweet specialty

Küfa Orange- & Lemon Slices (orange-flavored and lemon-flavored sweets in the shape of a citrus slice)

Orange & Lemon Slices

sweets in shape and flavour of slices of an orange or lemon

Lemons (candies)

Lemon sweets (with lemon oil) in the shape of half a lemon with the embossed lettering “Küfa”


Blackberry-shaped violet candies with a fine blackberry flavor

Küfa Mixed Fruit Balls sweets

Mixed Fruit Balls

Colorfully mixed fruit candies with silver stripes in the shape of gooseberries

Green Lemons with sherbet powder

Refreshingly fruity candies with lime flavor and fizz

Sherbet Sweets (square)

wafer-shaped sweets with fizz, lemon and cherry taste

Sherbet Drops (circular)

pink and white drops with cherry flavor and fizzy effect

Küfa Sea Buckthorn Stars (candy) with a delicious taste of sea buckthorn and orange

Sea buckthorn stars (candy)

Six-cornered, flat candies with sea buckthorn and orange flavor

Küfa Woodruff Tablets (flat, wafer-shaped, green sweets with woodruff flavor)

Woodruff Tablets

light green, flat, waffle-shaped sweets with woodruff flavor

Küfa Strawberry-Vanilla-Dessert (candies with strawberry and vanilla flavour)


shiny red-yellow candies with strawberry and vanilla flavor

Küfa Golden Nuts with Chocolate Filling (shiny golden candies in the shape of a hazelnut with a fine truffle flavor and crunchy chocolate filling)

Golden Nuts With Chocolate Filling

shiny golden candies in the shape of a nut with chocolate filling and truffle flavor

Crunchy Coins

Sweets in shape of a coin made of caramel sugar with nougat filling

Peppermint Cushions with Choco-Filling

Gold-silver shiny cushion-shaped peppermints with chocolate filling


Golden-brown, shiny, almond-shaped candies with rum flavor and chocolate filling

Mocha-Tongues with Choco-Mocha-Filling

Tongue-shaped brown and gold striped candies, mocha flavor, chocolate filling