verschiendene Lutscher (Lollies) und Bonbons von Küfa

Lollipops And Sweets From The
"Good Old Times"

Since 1930 we are producing sweets and lollipops in our family business in our manufacturing facility in the east of North Rhine-Westphalia between Bielefeld, Hameln and Hannover first in Schötmar, now in Dörentrup. Many of our unwrapped candy specialties are familiar to most people from their childhood and associate sweet memories with the taste and the special shapes.

With more than 6,000 possible combinations of taste, color and shape, we are sure to find a solution for your sweet project. Our specialists have more than 900 years of combined experience.

Whether loose goods, bulk packs or bag products. With us you will find the right product. Are you looking for individual promotional items? With us you are right.

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Lutscher in verschiedenen Formen und Geschmacksrichtungen von Küfa


retail packs, piece items in transparent boxes

Küfa nostalgische Bonbons in verschiedenen Geschmacksrichtungen

candy sweets/bonbons

Self-service packs, bulk ware, transparent jars

Lutscher und Bonbons mit Werbeaufdruck von Küfa

Promotion Sweets

Promotional lollipops, promotional sweets

This is how our sweets and lollipops are made


Traditional delicacies

In 1930, Paul Küstermann rode his bike to the sugar factory 10 km away and fetched the first sack of sugar for the newly founded company Küfa (Küstermann Fabrikate), then still in Schötmar. That was the beginning of one of the oldest lollipop and candy factories in Germany.