Novelty: Rainbow Pop by Küfa

Küfa’s Rainbow Pop is a large lollipop in all the colors of the rainbow:
Red – orange – yellow – green – blue – purple in every lollipop!
The most colorful lolly from Küfa: 6 colors!

For many people, the rainbow is a symbol of diversity, and diverse are also the possible uses of the Rainbow Pop at events supporting diversity, tolerance and solidarity.
Diversity is also shown in the taste of the lolli which changes during consumtion:
First the lollypop tastes like woodruff (refreshing fruity taste of a forest plant well known from green German soft drinks and green jelly desserts), then it tastes like cherry… This makes it even more exciting.
Küfa Rainbow Pop are vegan lollipops.

Küfa Rainbow Pop tin with 100 lollies

Available as: transparent jar with 100 lollies