Lollies (basic item)

Küfa produces more than 30 different lollipops from 3 g to 30 g each in many shapes, colors and flavors:

From the popular small Cherry Lollies (also available in 100 g bags) to ball-shaped lollipops (Fizzy Ball, Alster- and Limo-Lolly and KiBa Lollies) to large figurative lollipops.

Specialties like the well-known Spinning Top Lollies with figured sticks or Friesen-Lolly with salmiak pastilles in a chocolate coating complete the range.

5 Küfa Kirschen tiny, red cherry lollies

Cherry Lollies

Tiny lollies with cherry flavour

5 Küfa MINIS lollipops 1 each yellow (lemon flavor), blue (cola), green (woodruff), orange (orange) and red (raspberry)

Küfa Minis

Mini Lollis in five flavours

4 Kuefa Lillipop lolly red-yellow-green striped lollipops with apple flavour


red-yellow-green flat lollipops

Kuefa Emojipops lollipops with smileys (emojis) on the wrapping


Emojis as a lollipop

Küfa Candy Pop fruit lollipops in three fruit flavors with faces on the foil

Candy Pop Fruit

Lollys with comic-style faces on the foil

Küfa Lollipop Fruit round, flat, yellow-white-red lollies with lemon taste

Lollipop Fruit

tricolor lollipops with lemon flavor

Küfa Fruit-Lolly lollipop in 4 different fruit flavours cherry, orange, lemon and apple


Lollipops in 4 fruit flavors

Küfa Fizzy Pops lollipop (lolly) with cherry flavour and effervescant powder.

Fizzy Pops

flat cherry fizzy lollipop (sherbet)

Küfa Fruit Ball yellow-green-red ball-shaped lollies with lemon flavour

Fruit Ball lollipop

ball-shaped lolly with lemon flavour

Küfa Cola Ball ball-shaped lollipop with cola flavour (without caffeine)

Cola Ball lollipop

ball-shaped lollipop with cola flavour

Küfa Cherry Cola Lolly, ball-shaped (cola-brown/pink) with cherry cola taste


ball-shaped lolly with cherry-cola flavour (caffein-free)

Küfa Lemon-Ice-Ball blue-yellow-white ball-shaped lolly with lemon ice taste

Lemon Ice Ball

ball-shaped lolly with lemon-ice flavour

Küfa sherbet red and white ball lolly with cherry flavor and sherbet

Fizzy Ball lolly

Fizzy Ball lollipops

American Cola with Sherbet Powder lollipop (lolly) in the colors of the USA flag with cola flavor (caffeine-free)

American Cola with Sherbet Powder

Ball-shaped cola lolly with fizz

Küfa Fizzy-Mix lolly with effervescent powder in 4 different flavourings: Raspberry (red/pink), orange (orange/white), lemon (yellow/withe) and woodruff (green/white)


lollies in 4 different fizzy flavours

Küfa Alster Ball lollipop, black & white ball-shaped lollipop with ammonia salts, (flavour: liquorice-like)

Alster Lolly

ball-shaped lollies with salmiak salt (similar to liquorice)

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