Flat Promotion Lollipops


Our promotional items – personalized sweets like lollipops or candies (bonbons) – are a cost-effective and sustainable way of promotional gift. Especially the flat promotion lollipops are a cheap and lasting way to trigger multiple memory value.

Lollipops and candies are percived when handed over and then create a positive feeling when sucked (Oh, yummy!). Or they are packed in the pocket, taken home and presented to the children or grandchildren. And then the joy is even greater – you laugh with children’s eyes! Bam! – double the advertising effect!

With advertising lollipops you not only make your customers happy. The lollipops are often given away: to children or grandchildren. Then your customer has the advertising in their hands for the second time. And when the kid is happy, your customer is happy!

You can get all variants of our promotional lollipops in polybags from 50 pieces or boxes from 100 pieces (max. 1,200 pieces per box).

Additional information

Nutritional values

depending on individual order

Packing units

from 50 to 150 pieces in polybag
from 100 to 1,200 pieces in carton