4 kg Golden Nuts with chocolate filling


Candies with 23% chocolate cream filling

Golden Nuts with chocolate filling from Küfa are the epitome of a carefree childhood.
Enjoy the authentic truffle flavor and distinctivechocolate filling. A candy specialty of the highest quality, as already known by your grandparents.

Again and again we hear from visitors at trade fairs: “The Golden Nuts with the chocolate filling still exist? They have already been standing in my grandma’s store. She had a jar on the counter, from which she packed them into bags. And then we bought a bag of mixed sweets for a D-Mark. Great to see these again.”

Today, our chocolate Golden Nuts produced in our German factory are mostly sold at weekly markets, funfairs and fairs. But there are also some packing companies that source them and pack them in bags (stand-up pouches, usually decorated with ribbon or closed with clips) and then sell them in supermarkets. The candies are also known and popular as car candy and are a favorite to take on the road after filling up at the highway gas station.