For weekly markets and fun fairs, packaging companies, bulk consumers, confectioneries and many more, we offer our sweets in bulk. The full range of shape, color and flavor variety.

Most itinerant retailers offer their very own individual herbal blend or mixed bag of fruit candies from this variety. In the composition of various milk, cream and chocolate goodies, the result is a shiny splendor that will make anyone’s mouth water.

Küfa Lico-Drops (sugar sprinkled, round, black, strong licorice sweets)

Lico-Drops (sugar sprinkled)

Bonbons with stronglicorice flavour

Küfa Lico-Sticks (elongated, black, liquorice candies with a gentle, soft vanilla note)

Lico-Sticks (mild milky taste, sugar sprinkled)

sweets withgently balancedlicorice taste

Küfa Peppermint Drops (green-white candies in drops shape with peppermint oil)

Peppermint Drops

Bonbons with strong peppermint flavour

Küfa Menthomint (hexagonal blue strong menthol candies)


Extra strong menthol candies

Küfa Herbal Cough Drops (flat, rectangular, brown candies with herbal extracts)

Herbal Cough Drops

Various herbs in onecandy

Küfa Sage Sweets (hexagonal, brown candies with sage oil and sage extract)

Sage Sweets

Bonbons with natural sage extract and sage oil

Küfa mulled wine candies (oval, red candies with "Küfa" embossing with mulled wine flavor, non-alcoholic)

Mulled Wine Sweets

Oval bonbons with delicious mulled wine taste

Küfa Herbs-Salmiak-Sweets (square, flat, brown candies with cross embossing with herbal extract)

Herbs-Salmiak-Sweets (strong, square, with cross stamp)

Square candies with cross embossing and herbal extracts

Küfa Cross-Selection (colorful candy mix, square candies with cross embossing, different flavors)


Colorful herb sweets with cross-embossing

Küfa Friesen-Salmiaks in chocolate coating, with salmiak pastilles (flat liquorice candies with cocoa powder and salmiak pastilles, covered with chocolate)

Friesen-Salmiaks, choco coated, with salmiacpastilles

Sweets in a chocolate coating with salmiak pastilles

Küfa Genuine Eucalyptus Menthol bonbons in waxpaper wrapper

Eukalyptus Menthol Candies, wrapped

eucalyptus menthol candies wrapped in wax paper

Taste good and are effective.

Küfa Genuine Eucalyptus Menthol bonbons in waxpaper wrapper

EUCA Menthol wrapped 5 kg

5 kg wrapped Eucalyptus Menthol sweets in box

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