Football-Lolly transparent jar with 100 pieces


The Küfa football lollipop (transparent jar with 100 lollipops) runs on every championship. And also in the time in between. The lollipops in the colors black, red and gold with a black and white wrapper in a soccer ball design taste refreshingly like raspberries.

Lollipops in the colors of your country or favorite team? We can!

Please feel free to contact us!

We are appreciated to present our EURO2024 edition of our soccer lollies! These delicious treats are not only a delight for the palate, but also a real eye-catcher for any soccer fan. We can color the lollipops in the individual colors of the national flags of your favorite team.

Whether in the colors of the Union Jack, the Tricolore or Oranje – we almost always find a way to design the soccer lollipops in national colors. Your customers can show their support for their team in a sweet and original way. And if you want them in your team’s colors, that’s also possible.

Our lollies are not only perfect for soccer parties, public-screenings or as a gift for soccer fans, but are also a great idea for advertising purposes, events, club or company celebrations. With our customizable lollipops, you can spread your message in a sweet and memorable way.

Surprise friends, family, customers or colleagues with our unique soccer lollies. That this makes smiling faces and delicious moments. is nothing we have to tell you twice.

We are exited to make soccer dreams come true with our delicious lollipops!

We can also produce the soccer lolly in other colors (e.g. the colors of your club or country) as a special order. Feel free to contact us!