Lolly Self-Service Bags

The most famous ball lollipops, cherry lollipops and Küfa MINIS as well as the unique spinning top lollipops are also available in retail packs for supermarket sale.

self-service bag with 100 grams Küfa Cherry Lollies

Cherry Lolly Bags 100 g

100 g tiny, red lollipops

sachets/self-service bags with 100 gram Küfa MINIS

Minis 100 g

bag with 100 g Mini-Lollies

self-service bag with 4 Küfa Fruit-Ball lollies

Fruit-Ball Pack 4 pieces

4 lollipops Fruit Ball in a bag

sachet/self-service bag with 4 Küfa Cola-Ball lollies

Kola-Kugel 4er Pack

4 lollies Cola-Ball in a bag

self-service sachet with 4 Küfa Fizzy Ball lollies

Fizzy Ball lolles self-service bag with 4 pieces

4 ball-shaped effervescent lollies in a bag

self-service bag with 4 Küfa Alster-Lolly

Alster-Lolly self-service pack (4 pieces)

4 Alster-Lolly in a bag

self-service bag with 3 Küfa Spinning Top lollies with fruit flavour

Spinning Top Lolly Pack, 3 pieces

3 lollipops in shape of a spinning top in a bag

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