Bonbons In Retail Packages

Our most popular sweets are also available in self-service packs. The Bonbonmeisterserie with 6 different varieties from fruity-fresh to nougat-filled to minty-chocolate offers the right thing for every taste. You can take them with you at the gas station or in the supermarket and snack in between. This also makes the car ride a sweet experience!

self-service package with 200 g raspberry sweets, transparent cup (jar / Autopack / Bonbonmeisterserie)

Bonbonmeisterserie Raspberries

transparent jars 200 g red raspberry-shaped candies with raspberry flavor

sweets package with 200 g Lemon & Orange Slices (bonbons in shape of slices of oranges and lemons), transparent cup (jar / Autopack / Bonbonmeisterserie)

Bonbonmeisterserie Orange & Lemon Slices

transparent box (self-service pack) with 200 g fruit bonbons

Candy Pack of 200 g bonbons/sweets of gooseberry shaped fruit candy (different flavors), transparent Cup (Tin / Autopack / Bonbonmeisterserie)

Mixed Fruit Balls self-service package

self-service package (200 g) mixed fruit sweets in shape of gooseberries

Candy pack with 200g Golden Nuts, transparent cup (can / car pack / Bonbonmeisterserie)

Bonbonmeisterserie Golden Nuts

175 g golden shining sweets with (truffle vanilla flavor and chocolate cream filling)

Candy pack with 200 g Crunchy Coins (caramel candies in the form of coins), transparent cup (can / car pack / candy master series)

Bonbonmeisterserie Crunchy Coins

200 g coin-shaped caramel candies with nougat cream filling

Bonbonmeisterserie Peppermint Cushions with chocolate filling autopack (self-service pack)

Bonbonmeisterserie Peppermint Cushions

200 g peppermint flavored sweets with chocolate filling

transparent bag with 200 g Küfa Eucalyptus Menthol sweets wrapped in waxpaper

EUCA Menthol wrapped 200 g

200 g Küfa Eucalyptus Menthol sweets in green waxpaper in self-service bag

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