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transparent box with 100 Küfa Candy-Pop lollies

Candy Pop Fruit (jar/100 lollies)

Lollies in 3 different fruit flavours

Küfa raspberries (red raspberry-shaped candies with raspberry flavor)

Raspberry sweets

Our Raspberry sweets are the classic fruity sweet specialty

clear plastic jar with 2 kg Küfa raspberries (candies with raspberry flavour in shape of raspberries)


2 kg fruit candies with refreshing flavour and right red appearance in a transparent plastic jar

self-service package with 200 g raspberry sweets, transparent cup (jar / Autopack / Bonbonmeisterserie)

Bonbonmeisterserie Raspberries

transparent jars 200 g red raspberry-shaped candies with raspberry flavor

Küfa Orange- & Lemon Slices (orange-flavored and lemon-flavored sweets in the shape of a citrus slice)

Orange & Lemon Slices

sweets in shape and flavour of slices of an orange or lemon

Transparent jar with 2 kg Küfa Orange & Lemon Slices (sweets with orange and lemon flavor in the shape of citrus wedges)

Orange & Lemon Slices

2 kg candies with orange and lemon taste in transparent plastic jar

sweets package with 200 g Lemon & Orange Slices (bonbons in shape of slices of oranges and lemons), transparent cup (jar / Autopack / Bonbonmeisterserie)

Bonbonmeisterserie Orange & Lemon Slices

transparent box (self-service pack) with 200 g fruit bonbons

Lemons (candies)

Lemon sweets (with lemon oil) in the shape of half a lemon with the embossed lettering “Küfa”


Blackberry-shaped violet candies with a fine blackberry flavor

Küfa Mixed Fruit Balls sweets

Mixed Fruit Balls

Colorfully mixed fruit candies with silver stripes in the shape of gooseberries

2 kg Küfa Mixed Fruit Balls (round, striped candies in five different colours with fruit flavour)

Mixed Fruit Balls

Transparent plastic jar with 2 kg mixed fruit candies in shape of gooseberries

Candy Pack of 200 g bonbons/sweets of gooseberry shaped fruit candy (different flavors), transparent Cup (Tin / Autopack / Bonbonmeisterserie)

Mixed Fruit Balls self-service package

self-service package (200 g) mixed fruit sweets in shape of gooseberries

Green Lemons with sherbet powder

Refreshingly fruity candies with lime flavor and fizz

Sherbet Sweets (square)

wafer-shaped sweets with fizz, lemon and cherry taste

Sherbet Drops (circular)

pink and white drops with cherry flavor and fizzy effect

Küfa Sea Buckthorn Stars (candy) with a delicious taste of sea buckthorn and orange

Sea buckthorn stars (candy)

Six-cornered, flat candies with sea buckthorn and orange flavor

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