Lollies (basic item)

Küfa produces more than 30 different lollipops from 3 g to 30 g each in many shapes, colors and flavors:

From the popular small Cherry Lollies (also available in 100 g bags) to ball-shaped lollipops (Fizzy Ball, Alster- and Limo-Lolly and KiBa Lollies) to large figurative lollipops.

Specialties like the well-known Spinning Top Lollies with figured sticks or Friesen-Lolly with salmiak pastilles in a chocolate coating complete the range.

Küfa Skipper-Lolly schwarz-weiß-blaue Kugel-Lutscher mit starkem Lakritzgeschmack


ball-shaped lollypops with salmiak salt and liquorice

4 Küfa Limo Lolly striped ball-shaped lollies in color combinations red-white (cherry), orange-white (orange), yellow-white (lemon) and green-white (lime)

Limo Lolly

striped ball lolly in 4 fruit flavors

Küfa KiBa-Lolly ball-shaped lollipop with cherry-banana flavor, red/yellow

KiBa-Lolly, Cherry-Banana-Drink-Flavour

ball-shaped lolly with cherry banana taste

Küfa Lolli-Fairy lilac and pink striped lollies with cherry and strawberry taste


ball-shaped Lollies with cherry and strawberry flavour

Küfa Rainbow Pop single lollipops

Rainbow Pop

Ball lollipops in rainbow colors with changing taste: first woodruff, then cherry flavor

4 Küfa football lollies (ball shaped lollipops), of which 2 with wrapper (printed black and white football design) and two without wrapper, So you can see the colors of the lolly black, red and gold.

Football Lolly

lollies in national colours, foil with soccer ball pattern

Küfa Deutschland-Lolly ball lollipops in the colors black, red and gold

Germany Lolly black-red-gold

black-red-golden ball-shaped lollies

Küfa Cream-Lolly with Nougat-Filling (hazelnut cream), brown ball-shaped cream lollipops with beige stripe, with nougat filling

Cream-Lolly with Nougat-Filling (hazelnut cream)

Cream-Lolly with nougat filling

Küfa Choco-Mint Ball lollipop red-white-brown lolly with chocolate and peppermint flavour

Choko-Mint Ball

Choco peppermint lollies

Küfa choco lolly with vanilla flavour, brown ball-shaped lollies with yellow stripe

Choco-Vanilla Ball

Lollipop with chocolate and vanilla flavour

Küfa Strawberry-caramel ball Lolly with caramel and strawberry flavour

Caramel-Strawberry Ball

Caramel-Strawberry Ball

Küfa Spinning Top Fruit lollies with figruative sticks

Spinning Top Fruit

Lollies (tapering) with figurative stem

6 Küfa Spinning Top Fruit lollies with figurative stick and cola flavour (caffein-free)

Spinning Top Cola lolly (cola flavour, caffein-free)

spinning-top shaped lolly, cola flavour

Küfa Fruit Block lollieselongated-oval yellow-white-red lollipops with lemon flavor

Fruit Block

Large flat lemon flavored lollipops

Küfa Hanseatic Lolly, lollipop with salmiac salts and salmiac pastilles

Hanseatic Lolly (with salmiac pastilles)

Large flat lollies mit salmiak pastilles

Küfa Animal lollies red-yellow-green lollies in shape of dogs and parrots

Animal Lollies

Lollies in shape of parrot and dog

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