Bonbons (basic item)

Our family business and the brand Küfa exist for over 90 years. Many unwrapped candy specialties from the "good old times" are still very popular today.

Fruity sweets like Raspberry Candies, Orange & Lemon Slices,
Silky bonbons with crunchy nougat/chocolate fillings such as golden nuts, peppermint pillows, nougat/mocha tongues and
Herbal sweets such as Cough Sweets, Cachous, Herbs-Salmiak-Sweets (‘the one with the cross’) or Friesen-Kluten with salmiak pastilles in a chocolate coating.

Some candies from the almost 40 varieties of the range are also available in 1.5 kg or 2 kg transparent jars.

Küfa EUCALYPTUS menthol sweets have a high percentag of valuable menthol. That's is the reason for their exquisite taste and soothing effect on cold symptoms. EUKA menthol sweets are also available wrapped: in bulk, in 2 kg transparent tins and in packs.

Küfa Nougat Tongues with nougat-filling

Nougat-Tongues with Nougat-Filling

shiny golden tongue-shaped candies with nougat flavor and nougat cream filling

Küfa Mocha Beans oval sweets with choko mocca filling brown with beige stripes

Mocha Beans (sweets)

Oval candies with mocha flavor and a crunchy chocolate cream filling

Küfa Glamor mix (chocolate-filled, colourful, shiny candy mix with fruit flavor in the covering)

Glamour-Mix, silky shining

colorful striped, filled sweets, different flavors

Malt Sweets

Candied sweets with 13 % barley malt extract

Cough Drops, filled (black)

traditional, pillow-shaped cough drop with a liquid filling

Cough Drops (black)

Flat, square, black cough drops with liquorice (liquorice extract)

Küfa Cachou (transparent, cube-shaped candies in 5 different colors with sugar sprinkles and herbal flavor)

Cachou, fire-cooked anise sweets

colorful, transparent herb sweets, cooked on open fire

Küfa Eucalyptus-Menthol-sweets wrapped, on the right unpacked

EUCA-Menthol sweets, paper-wrapped

Eucalyptus menthol candies – the well-known and popular candy specialty

Eucalyptus menthol sweets, green, unwrapped

EUCA-Menthol sweets, green

The unwrapped version of our eucalyptus menthol sweets

Küfa Alster-Drops (black & white, round candies with salmiak-liquorice flavor)


Sweets with a strong salmiak taste (similar to liquorice)

Küfa honey bees ovale (sweets with bee embossing with honey without coloring)

Honey-Bees (sweets)

Sweets with 12% honey – without coloring
candied oval sweets with bee embossing

Küfa Fennel-Sticks (elongated oval red candies with fennel oil)


Fennel-flavored red candies in stick form, candied

Küfa Anise Sticks (elongated oval yellow candies with anise flavor)


Yellow bonbons in oval shape with anise flavour

Küfa Anis-Briquettes (black candy in the shape of a charcoal briquette with a miner's hammers embossing and anise flavour)


Traditional sweets with anise flavour in shape of coal briquettes

Küfa Euca-Fruits (colorful candies with eucalyptus oil, menthol and fruit flavor)

Euca-Fruits, Eucalyptus-Menthol with various fruit tastes

Candies with eucalyptus oil, menthol and fruit flavor

Küfa Salmiak-Chunks (white-transparent sweets with salmiak salt and salmiak pastilles)


Candies with salmiak salt and extra strong salmiak pastilles